Coastal Cabinet Knobs

Are you into themed hardware? Then how about dressing up a furniture piece or wall cabinet with coastal cabinet knobs. While cabinet hardware’s primary purpose is, function, it also helps define your home’s design style. There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing your hardware but today we’ll be sharing with you a bunch of coastal cabinet knobs.

Your hardware style is dependent mainly on the overall design style of your home. Even just a single coastal knob can elevate and enhance a drawer. Coastal cabinet knobs are a great motif to upcycle any furniture piece or cabinet, and they are available in many styles and colors, from white distressed metal knobs to colorful whimsical knobs.

But with many options in the market, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with a variety of shapes and textures and not knowing what to choose. Do not panic, we can assure you the right coastal knob is out there. Keep reading and discover different coastal cabinet knobs that we think will look great in your home.

Coastal Cabinet Knobs FAQ

What is cabinet hardware?

Cabinet hardware refers to the knobs and pulls attached to both your cabinets and drawers. Hardware also includes the hinges that allow the cabinet door to swing open. The primary function of cabinet hardware is to allow you to open your cabinet doors and drawers.

Why choose coastal cabinet knobs?

  • Many fabulous Coastal Cabinet Knobs and Pulls would be perfect for a beach house or nautical-themed room.
  • Top off your coastal-inspired kitchen or bedroom with beach cabinet knobs. You can quickly turn a mundane space into a sea lover’s dream by adding a few beachy cabinet knobs or pulls to your drawers and cabinets.

What are the different types of drawer pulls?

Knobs typically require only one mounting screw to make installation simple. Also referred to as drawer pulls or cabinet pulls, handle pulls have a rod- or bar-like design that attaches to the surface at each end. Many handle pulls are offered in the same shapes, styles, and finishes as knobs for coordination purposes.

Are cabinet knobs better than cabinet pulls?

  • Knobs have smaller profiles than handles, are less expensive, and can be used for both drawers and cabinets. They are slightly easier to install than pulls since you only need one screw to secure the knob to the surface.
  • Pulls are larger than knobs, make more of a statement, and tend to be easier to grip. They are more expensive than pulls, but they come in many different sizes. They tend to complement drawers or larger cabinets with their linear shape.

What type of handles goes on kitchen cabinets?

There are no strict rules to follow when choosing whether to select a knob or a pull or both. One preference is to use knobs for all doors and pulls for all drawers. For any large door such as a pantry and any pull-out door (including pull-out base pantries or trash pull-outs), use a pull.

How to install cabinet knobs?


  • Screwdriver: Use to tighten the screw into the back of the cabinet knob
  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Countersink drill bit


  1. When fitting a cabinet knob, it is good to first determine if the length of the screw is correct. If it is too long, then it will need to be cut down using a hacksaw and if it is too short you may need to countersink it into the cupboard door.
  2. Screw the fixing into the back of the cabinet knob to see if any adjustment needs to be made with the length or to determine the depth that needs to be countersunk. It’s best to adjust the screw as little as possible to allow enough length in the back of the cabinet knob for secure fixing.
  3. Once the screws are the correct length, mark where you wish the cabinet knob to sit. Drill the appropriate size hole for the screw and use a countersunk drill bit so the screw can sit within the door but not fall through.
  4. Slide the screw through the door and start to attach the cabinet knob to it. Once on the screw enough, push the cabinet knob flush to the door and then tighten the screw to the cabinet knob.
  5. Avoid spinning the cabinet knob on as this may cause damage to your cupboard doors and paintwork.

General tips to select cabinet knobs:

  • Determine the shape you want. Take note of your cabinet style, countertop edge, lighting fixtures, and any other important design elements. Do they have square or curved lines?
    Choose hardware that is consistent with the type of lines in your design.
  • Consider the finish. While most people will choose chrome or brushed nickel, numerous other finishes are available to add interest to your kitchen. You don’t need to match your faucet as long as the finish complements other finishes in the design.
  • Think about comfort. Try out the knob first. Touch it, feel it, and fit your hand inside the pull. Does it fit? Does it feel nice? Or does it cram your fingers and feel sharp around the edges?
  • If you would like your hardware to make a bold impact, choose a finish that has a lot of contrast with your door color. For example, black hardware on white doors, or satin brass on navy blue doors. On the other hand, if you’d like your hardware to be more subtle, choose a finish that is similar in color and light to your doors.

Coastal Cabinet Knobs

Seaside Cottage Round Knob

Inspired by coastal décor trends, the Starfish knob gives your cabinets or furniture a fun finishing touch.

Available in two finish options, this knob is ideal for bathroom vanities or bedroom furniture.

Whether you live oceanfront or landlocked, you can bring a touch of beachy charm to your home!

coastal cabinet knobs: Seaside Cottage Round Knob


  • High-quality zinc die-cast material
  • Round Knob
  • Rich brushed satin pewter finish

Seaside Cottage 1 7/16″ Diameter Round Knob

This beautiful knob set from the Seaside Cottage collection captures the beauty of a Seahorse.

Perfect for adding the feeling of a beach-side retreat to your kitchen or bath. Installs easily with included hardware and is a noticeable change for any cabinetry.

coastal cabinet knobs: Seaside Cottage 1 7/16" Diameter Round Knob


  • Coat/Paint Distressing
  • Round Knob
  • Multi-function

Oversized Handpainted Round Knob

Ocean compass ceramic knob pull. The vintage high-quality, hand-crafted authentic ceramic, glass, and metal knobs and pulls can be used on dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom cabinets.

The decorative knobs will make any furniture look more elegant without the cost.

The knobs are hand-painted by some of the world’s best Artisans and glazed to protect the finishes.

coastal cabinet knobs: Oversized Handpainted Round Knob


  • Round Knob
  • Vintage
  • Handcrafted

2″ Starfish Small Knob

Coordinated designer knob by marine life artist Peter Costello. This finely detailed and exquisitely designed starfish cabinet knob is a superb enhancement to any beach house décor.

This novelty Knob has a nautical theme and a gloss finish, made of metal which makes it resistant to rust.

coastal cabinet knobs: 2" Starfish Small Knob


  • Rust Resistant
  • Metal
  • Novelty Shape

Turtle Novelty Knob

This Turtle Novelty Knob is a high-quality handcrafted authentic metal knob that can be used on dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, furniture, drawers, or doors.

This decorative Turtle Novelty Knob will make any room stand out without the cost.

This novelty known with an animal/wildlife theme is made of steel and is both oxidation resistant and corrosion-resistant.

coastal cabinet knobs: Turtle Novelty Knob


  • Steel
  • Oxidation Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant

1 1/2″ Diameter Round Knob

This vintage high-quality handcrafted ceramic and glass knobs and pulls can be used on drawers, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom cabinets.

These decorative handles will make any furniture look more elegant without the cost.

This round knob with a green finish is made of glass and is oxidation-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

coastal cabinet knobs: 1 1/2" Diameter Round Knob


  • Green Finish
  • Glass
  • Round Knob

Tropical 1 1/2″ Diameter Round Knob

These are high-quality, handcrafted Tropical Ocean Beach Theme Round Knobs that can be used on all kinds of furniture.

These are perfectly suitable for dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, furniture, drawers, or doors.

These knobs will make any furniture look more elegant. These round kobs have a Chrome/Blue finish and are made of glass and metal.

coastal cabinet knobs: Tropical 1 1/2" Diameter Round Knob


  • Glass/Metal
  • Round Knob